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 "Sengoku is basically the strategic part of Shogun 2: Total War ramped up to 11. 

“Many of the features in this game will also be in Crusader Kings II, one of the most anticipated titles in strategy gaming circles for years. However that won’t be released until 7 February 2012, so if you have a special interest in the Sengoku Jidai period, or can’t...

“Priced at $29.95, Sengoku offers a quality, and unique, gaming experience for players looking to take up their katana and fight with honor and courage… or take up their quill and plot with skillful deceit.”

“...this is one of those great strategy games where you can start playing at night, and then look over to the window to find daylight streaming in.”

“... Paradox Interactive have produced a game that provide such rich strategic scope that it will very likely be the only game armchair strategists need for the remainder of the year.”

“Sengoku is in every aspect a wonderful simulation of its time, and a historical marvel for strategists.”

“if you have an interest in Grand Strategy and medieval Japan then this absolutely needs to be on your list”

“... a good game that is recommended for strategy lovers and history buffs and can offer a nice alternative take on Medieval Japan for any fans of Total War: Shogun 2.”

“The setting is pretty much the same as that of Total War: Shogun 2 but there's much greater detail to Sengoku...”

”Fans of Paradox’s other RTS games will likely feel at home with this one…”

"There are hours of entertainment to be had in Sengoku, and with the game developing differently depending on your actions, there is certainly a lot of replay value to enjoy."

“…Sengoku, if anything, is most notable at creating outstanding stories to tell of your ascent to Shogun.” 

“…if you love feudal Japan and all of the drama’s and plots, you won’t find a closer representation of the time than in Sengoku or you’d be watching a Kurosawa film!”

“In the end I highly recommend this game to serious strategy gamers”

”If you are willing to sink a hour or so into learning the game there is a surprisingly short learning curve for the basics that will have you scheming and plotting your way to power! “

“Great game. Fun to play and above average in quality. You should try it.”

”Overall the game is polished, the map is gorgeous, and the emphasis on goals other than war is a refreshing change from the vast majority of strategy titles out there.”

“If, <sic> you enjoy a more cerebral experience that favors long-term planning over impulsive decision making, then Sengoku’s absurdly deep diplomatic system will likely be right up your alley.”

The fact it’s addictive and enjoyable is even better. This is history made fun.”

“... i...

“...a rather enjoyable portal into the world of feudal Japanese military politics and strategy.”

“Pros: Fun and pretty easy to get into and get lost in.  Crisp and interesting graphics with intuitive interface.  Wealth of historical characters, factions, and interesting and challenging strategy.”

“Sengoku has a fun strong RPG feel as well as the military action”

“The strategy and setting in the game is enjoyable, design and graphics attractive although simple and winning wars against rival clans satisfying.”

“The length and depth in this game is huge and there are numerous clans to lead, allowing you to take different approaches to the game each time.”

“It’s depth and simplicity is fairly well balanced, and the focus on diplomacy makes for a very different experience from say, a Total War game (not to mention much lower requirements to play)” enjoyable, challenging experience that forces players to think before they act, and consider the political implications of their every move; for that, I commend it.”

 “Highlighted by the character management, this grand strategy game gives you just enough to do”


“This is not for everyone, but if you want a feudal Japan political simulator, it provides hours of entertainment.”
“…I have no doubt that fans of Paradox's brand of strategy, encapsulated in games like Europa Universalis III and Crusader Kings II, will eat it right up.”

If you have never played a Europa-engine game before, then Sengoku is the absolute best place to start...”

 “…the more I played this game, the more I enjoyed it.”

“…the actual map of Japan is easily the best thing in the game, packing in more easily-digestible information than an edible library.”

“Sengoku is, in many ways, a remarkable game and it’s one that many gamers, looking for something more nuanced than the spectacle of other more action heavy games, will appreciate.” 

“If you're a sucker for Japanese history and grand strategy, consider this an essential purchase.”


A complicated and concise title...

“Sengoku is an undeniably addictive game and it is the difficulty that makes it so deep.”

“This makes for an unusually deep strategy experience that requires the player to think beyond the idea of occupying a patch of land and simply planting his flag there to claim it as his own”

“The sound is by far the most interesting piece of the presentation. I could simply leave the music on in the background and work all day as it is traditional Japanese with koto, shamisen and shukuhachi.”


“Sengoku is grand strategy at its most accessible.”
“’ll still lose hours to running your clan and it’s hard not to enjoy yourself as the plots provide ludicrous opportunities and ultimate victory comes so close, only to be snatched away as your influence shifts.”

“…if it's a deep, absorbing grand strategy title you are after and you are a more of a content over presentation kind of person then Sengoku delivers in droves”

“Sengoku is an example of a niche title that is executed with style, solid mechanics and provides an incredibly engaging, robust experience that rewards the patient with a wealth of replay options, including custom scenarios and the chance to live out centuries of rich history.”

“The replay value of the game is actually quite impressive with no two games playing out the same way even when your starting positions are identical.”

“If Japanese-flavoured strategy games are your thing and you appreciate the style of game that Paradox Interactive produces then Sengoku is well worth a purchase.” 

“A very fresh take on the real-time strategy genre”

“Overall this is a good Strategy blend”

“If you are a fan of Feudal Japan and wanted to give a go with something a bit different to Europa Universalis or Hearts of Iron you will not miss with this title!”


Sengoku looks great and is a joy to play.”

” It belongs on the shelf of any gamer with an interest in Japanese history, and for strategy gamers in general.”

“Sengoku storms the Shogun’s mansion and establishes itself as the premier samurai strategy game for some time to come”

“Sengoku looks to be an interesting variation on Paradox’s usual theme.”

“The finished version should be invaluable for students of the Orient and should interest other gamers.”

“ Overall, Sengoku provides a different, personal take on the grand strategy game, and its threat of war coupled with political activities keeps you active throughout your time in Japan.”

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