Press Previews

Armchair General: Sengoku Preview

“One is struck by the Sengoku’s graphics. The 3D terrain map of the Japanese islands is the most impressive map from Paradox yet. Zoomed out, the snow-capped mountains are visible; zoomed-in, rivers run past small villages”

Avault: Sengoku Preview

“Sengoku is shaping up to be a very different strategy experience in feudal Japan from most other titles covering the period”

"Priced at $29.95, Sengoku offers a quality, and unique, gaming experience for players looking to take up their katana and fight with honor and courage… or take up their quill and plot with skillful deceit"

Bit Gamer: Sengoku Preview

“Sengoku is definitely shaping up to be worth a look. This could turn into a very interesting and innovative title for anyone wanting to unleash their subtle scheming side, or for strategy gamers that just want to play something a bit different.”

Blistered Thumbs: Sengoku Preview

"Strategy gamers, look to this one for a refreshing experience you may not be used to."

Cheat Code Central: Sengoku Preview

“Sengoku is due out September 13 for PC, so if you're craving some historical strategic gaming set in Feudal Japan, this is a date you should definitely mark on your calendar”

Custom PC - Sengoku Preview - July 2011 Edition (in PDF Format only)

"... expect to be using ninjas much more than samuari."

Digitally Downloaded: Sengoku Preview

“Sengoku is more accessible than Civilization 5 or the Total War games. It's light, entertaining strategy, with a lot of historical accuracy and it is by no means easy.”

Game Dot: Sengoku Preview


”Sengoku will be an individual experience for each who play, as there are so many aspects of
gameplay to consider”

Game Pro: Sengoku Preview - US Press Tour 2011

"Epic scale and a focus on building up your family's personnel should give strategy fans a great level of depth."

Gamercide: Sengoku First Impressions

”The possibilities seem almost endless in this promising grand strategy title.”

Gamer Tell: Sengoku Preview

”For the first time, Paradox Interactive is taking players to the Warring States period in Japan in the aptly named Sengoku. Players will have to strategically unify the country”.

Gaming Ogre: Sengoku Preview


”You have to admire Paradox Interactive — they really understand their customers.”
“If you’ve got the cash and an inordinate amount of patience, there’s a near endless number of scenarios to play out. Come September, Feudal Japan gets its due.”

Hooked Gamers: Sengoku Preview

”All in all, Sengoku is shaping up to be an enjoyable experience for the grand strategists who lay unsatisfied by the strategic elements of Total War: Shogun 2”

Inc. Gamers: Sengoku Preview

“...the need to appease individuals, progress through either military might, diplomacy or subterfuge and the challenge of merely keeping control of territory under your (supposed) influence is currently feeling solid and satisfying” 

Malaysian Gamer: Sengoku Preview

“Looking Forward To: Cunning diplomacy to maintain the dominance and honour of my clan”

Mana Pool: Sengoku Preview

” It would be fair to say though that, if you're looking for a quick summary of Sengoku, that this is Shogun 2 meets Crusader Kings. It's based on the new version of Clausewitz engine that's going into CK2, although the actual make up of the game is similar to Europa Universalis: Rome.”