Patch released for the acclaimed Strategy RPG


The feudal Japanese Strategy RPG released today together with trailer to celebrate the occasion

Press releases


 "Sengoku is basically the strategic part of Shogun 2: Total War ramped up to 11. 

“Many of the features in this game will also be in Crusader Kings II, one of the most anticipated titles in strategy gaming circles for years. However that won’t be released until 7 February 2012, so if you have a special interest in the Sengoku Jidai period, or can’t...

“...if you’ve been following its development, you already know why this is exciting. If you haven’t, allow me to summarise in a crude and reductive fashion. Sengoku is Shogun meets Crusader Kings, it’s Europa Universalis in Japan.”


“Priced at $29.95, Sengoku offers a quality, and unique, gaming experience for players looking to take up their katana and fight with honor and courage… or take up their quill and plot with skillful deceit.”