Press Interviews

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Sengoku 'Wot I think of Sengoku' Feature

“... balancing the ambitions and reach of supposed surbordinates is the most intriguing and satisfying part of the game.”

“... there’s something seductive about the first moments of discovery, the point at which anything is possible and the pioneer spirit pushes aside the vexed bureaucrat and his concerns about taxation, gazing at the horizon and drawing it ever closer with imagination, wit and grit.  That’s how I felt when I loaded Sengoku for the first time.”

Stracos: Sengoku Interview w/ Johan Andersson

”Since Sengoku is a game about powerful people and their relationship with each other diplomacy is of course a very important feature. You will among other things be able to declare war, send gifts, demand subjugation or recruit people into your secret plan to topple an opponent. To ensure an ally is faithful, you have to exchange hostages, so that breaking agreements may be costly indeed.”

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